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Personal Training Services in Exeter

Our clients predominantly train at our fully equipped studio but we can also coach you at your home, provided it has the space, or outdoors at the beach or a suitable park. This also allows for a great mix of environments and styles of training. Enjoyment is one of our priorities and we believe that this is increased when making the most of the area around you.

At NL Wellness we understand that many people like to exercise with more privacy away from many prying eyes. If you feel like this our studio is perfect for you. There will only be your coach and yourself and any others you invite.

We offer a straightforward approach without gimmicks and based on scientifically proved methods which will ensure that you achieve your goals and enjoy the process.

We offer a wide range of services. Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons, and our services are designed to dovetail with what each of them wants. We recognise that no two clients are the same and we design our programmes individually. Do not worry if you have already tried personal training or gym memberships and not got what you were looking for. We will start off by sitting down with you, discussing what you have done so far and what you want to do in the future, and advising you on how you can get there. We will design an exercise programme specifically for you and based on what you like to do and which will reflect your needs, strengths and weaknesses.

We are skilled at helping and motivating people to alter their lifestyle choices. If you want to lose weight these are primarily involve changing your physical activity and nutritional habits.

Nutrition is the most important factor, whatever your objective, and especially when you want weight loss. We provide ongoing nutrition support for your entire journey with us and are always there for advice afterwards. We love what we do and almost always stay in touch with our past clients. The key is having a healthy relationship with food, knowing what is good for you and how and when to eat it. Not only this, but a healthy balance between all these factors is crucial. We will help you build on what you already know and cut through the lies of food manufacturers and bad science.

Whether you’re starting from the beginning and getting back into shape from years of being sedentary or if you’re an athlete looking to get the edge the team at NL Wellness will get you your fat loss results.

Most people that want to start really losing weight don’t know what to expect , even after reading this far. You will probably have many questions so please feel free to ask them here: www.nl-wellness.com/contact or go to the contact section.

1-1 Personal Training

At NL Wellness we specialise in helping people lose weight, and feel great. If you are sick and tired of trying to lose weight then 1-1 Personal Training with us is your answer.

In our experience most people are looking to lose weight and often get stronger at the same time. We are body transformation experts and have helped 100’s get into great shape. We like achieving this by using a whole range of equipment and methods to keep things fun and interesting for you. You will use your whole body each session and feel firmer, look sexier and look amazing very quickly. If you like the sound of that then get in touch: Contact Us.

This is our most personalised, individual and in depth service. You will see a fantastic body transformation from working on your nutrition, posture, mobility, lifestyle choices and physical activity. So many people are making a massive effort to lose weight and yet they don’t have much success. We will show you exactly what you need to do to get the body you’ve always wanted, but never had- yet.

A free initial consultation comes first where we will uncover what your exact goals are and how quickly you want to achieve them. Then you will have a thorough kinetic chain assessment, assessment of your current nutritional and lifestyle habits and health assessment. A personalised programme with our support and in house training will then begin.

2-2-1 Semi-Personal Training

If you want to lose weight but feel a lack of motivation, or have got results but struggled to maintain your routine then rely on the support from our NL Wellness personal trainers. This with the added motivation of a friend makes semi-personal training with NL Wellness perfect for you. Both of you will lose weight and get the body you want with us and save some money.

Whatever course you decide you want we will get you the body you want and show you how enjoyable it can be it as you go.

Our thorough, enjoyable and intensive courses will have you both feeling firm, strong and full of energy whilst achieving the best fat loss results you’ve ever had. Depending on what you want you will receive a few weeks or a few months of Personal Training sessions with one of our experienced fat loss coaches. The timeframe and intensity are completely up to you. You can go at whatever pace you wish. One thing is certain though- you will look and feel so much better at the end.

The sessions will be varied and enjoyable and will incorporate exercise which will promote your fat loss by increasing your metabolic rate, strengthening your physique and improving your posture.

The exercises you enjoy will also be included into your programme alongside our sessions so you will continue to be able to do the things you love. This will be accompanied by solid, scientifically based nutritional advice. At NL Wellness Personal Training we don’t promote calorie counting, fad diets or protocols that simply aren’t maintainable. You will get the results you want by following our nutrition protocol and eating the healthy and tasty foods we advise.

Do not worry if you think you have failed when you have tried losing weight in the past. Our coaches will help you.

4 Week Fat Loss Personal Training Programme

Our 4 week fat loss programmes have been hugely successful. They are for individuals that already know how to exercise and need a motivational boost. Maybe you’ve got results but want to have a professional look at what you’re doing and see what can be polished up to get you that body and performance you really want.

We will design an individually tailored 4 week training programme designed to your requirements. After a skype, phone or face to face conversation we will be able to construct a bespoke programme providing the correct balance of technique and conditioning according to your goals. You will see a massive improvement in just 4 weeks by completing one of our plans.

Depending on what information you give us you will receive a 4 week training programme that will get you into fantastic shape that takes into account your current training, skill level, fitness level, nutritional habits, nutritional education and time.

We take the existing exercise you enjoy doing and incorporate it with other exercises to get you great results. We design the full routine of what you should do and when, how many sets and reps and what rest you should take which are all specific to your goals and what you are training for.

If you require it we can help you plan your programme around your own personal life schedule, leaving you knowing exactly what you need to do and when. When you make yourself accountable to someone else you always train harder- this is a perfect way to do that at a reasonable price.

NL FitnessCamps

NL FitnessCamps is our Monthly group training fat loss service in Exeter. It’s designed and tailored specifically for those wanting to lose weight. The support you get from us and all the others will make the sessions so much more enjoyable and you’ll achieve far more than you ever will by plugging away in the gym on your own. Everyone is friendly and focused on getting into great shape whilst having fun at the same time.

Each Camp consists of Twelve 45 minute exercise sessions in Exeter over 4 weeks. Crucially it also includes comprehensive nutritional support with 24/7 advice and a scientific, safe and effective nutritional protocol that allows you flexibility. There are no fad diets on this programme and you can eat as much as you want.

Many of our campers have lost in excess of 20lbs in just a few months; others that were leaner to begin with have also lost loads. All of them have become much stronger, fitter and more agile.

Mario came to us weighing around 100kg and lost over 10kg in 2 months. Here’s what he had to say:

“It took a friend a few months to convince me to give NL FitnessCamps a go but after the first session I knew that it was something I wanted to do. I tried my best to keep up with the other campers. It wasn’t easy but I started to lose weight at a fast rate. Thanks to the exercise and Nutritional guidance I lost 10kg in 6 weeks in a friendly atmosphere. I felt I could ring/txt Nye (Head Coach) with any questions and he would do his best to help”.

Other clients who have been with us for less time have also had great success. Our client Rob has lost 4kg in less than a month with no signs of slowing down.

NL FitnessCamps is the perfect way to lose weight effectively and is amazing value. It costs the same as your average fitness class yet provides you with so much more. You will get all the support and guidance you will need to succeed both in the sessions and afterwards to achieve your fat loss and weight loss goals.

We also offer a FREE taster fat loss session at NL FitnessCamps. Feel sexier, get the looks you’ve always wanted and start your transformation now.

Please feel free to watch our NL FitnessCamps video and see what you think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqo0K3SSqIc

  • "I’ve achieved more in 5 weeks than I have in 2 years of hitting the gym. Nye is amazing- he’s also pumped and wants you to achieve the best you can"
    - Grace H
  • "Nye is an excellent trainer who has had a great influence on both my diet and exercise regimes. As someone who had no idea how to eat healthily and thought that women shouldn't pick up weights, I discovered the huge rewards of eating well and combining different, fun exercise approaches. I could not be more grateful to Nye for training me, giving advice and helping me get to this state, as my lifestyle has never been so healthy and energetic and I have never felt better."
    - Nicola E, 21
  • "For about 20 years I had a long-term problem with my knees. At first it only affected the right knee but after a while the other knee became painful too. Both knees were gradually getting worse and my doctor advised surgery on both knees. I was booked into hospital and given a date for the operation. I already knew Nye because he was helping me with my swimming. When I told him about the forthcoming operation he said that he thought he could help me. He went to work and I was really pleased when both knees started to become less painful. After a while I was able to postpone the operation. Several months later I was able to cancel the operation altogether. That was 18 months ago, and I now have no problems at all."
    - John T, 65

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