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  • "I’ve achieved more in 5 weeks than I have in 2 years of hitting the gym. Nye is amazing- he’s also pumped and wants you to achieve the best you can"
    - Grace H
  • "Nye is an excellent trainer who has had a great influence on both my diet and exercise regimes. As someone who had no idea how to eat healthily and thought that women shouldn't pick up weights, I discovered the huge rewards of eating well and combining different, fun exercise approaches. I could not be more grateful to Nye for training me, giving advice and helping me get to this state, as my lifestyle has never been so healthy and energetic and I have never felt better."
    - Nicola E, 21
  • "For about 20 years I had a long-term problem with my knees. At first it only affected the right knee but after a while the other knee became painful too. Both knees were gradually getting worse and my doctor advised surgery on both knees. I was booked into hospital and given a date for the operation. I already knew Nye because he was helping me with my swimming. When I told him about the forthcoming operation he said that he thought he could help me. He went to work and I was really pleased when both knees started to become less painful. After a while I was able to postpone the operation. Several months later I was able to cancel the operation altogether. That was 18 months ago, and I now have no problems at all."
    - John T, 65

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