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Personal Training in Exeter

NL Wellness is a unique personal training and swimming coaching company based in Exeter founded by Nye Levett BSc.

NL Wellness specialises in safe, effective fat loss and expert swimming coaching, nutritional and dietary advice and tailored personal training. NL Wellness can help you increase your fitness and energy levels, improve your diet and advance your sporting performance or increase your swimming ability.

Swimming Coaching in Exeter

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can do. It works almost every muscle group, and it does so in a non-impact way. It gives huge dividends of agility and flexibility. It tones the whole body and massively increases fitness levels.

It is a perfect way to lose weight because it speeds up the metabolism, which is the best way to lose fat. As it does so it relaxes the mind, decreasing stress, leading to happiness and increases your energy level. It is also an essential life skill.

Many clients come to us for advice on personal training or fat loss and find that their greater fitness improves their swimming and vice versa. This increases their interest in swimming and they want to take this further through having dedicated swim coaching sessions with us.

NL Wellness founder and Head Coach Nye Levett is a skilled swimming teacher. He learned to swim at a young age and has competed at regional and national levels. He has had extensive experience teaching people swimming at all levels - including complete beginners, people with a deep seated phobias of the water, children and young people who want to get better and improve their performance in school teams, adults who have not swum for a while, seasoned recreational swimmers wanting to improve their stroke, and international competitors.

Some of our clients who came to us wanting a short series of swimming lessons to improve a particular stroke or sort out a minor problem have found such benefit and enjoyment that they stayed with us for much longer than they initially expected. Their swim coaching sessions with us have developed their enthusiasm and they have aimed for and achieved much more than they thought possible before starting with us.

Our swimming teachers can teach you a good sustainable technique in all the strokes of your choice, improve your body position in the water, make you more streamlined and improve your speed and stamina. You will be turning proficiently and become transformed into a polished competent swimmer both in the pool and, if desired, in the open water. They can also give you nutritional advice that will be fine-tuned to what you want to achieve.

A course of swimming lessons in Exeter, Devon with NL Wellness swim coaches will also support your fat loss and personal training goals and help you achieve them better.

NL Wellness swimming coaching is based at the fantastic Middlemoor Police HQ swimming pool.

The swimming coaching services we provide are:

  • 1-1 Swimming Coaching
  • 2-2-1 Swimming Coaching
  • Open Water Swimming Lessons
  • 4 Week Triathlon Performance Course
  • 4 week Swimming Training Programmes

Please visit http://www.nl-wellness.com/swimming-coaching for more information.

  • "I’ve achieved more in 5 weeks than I have in 2 years of hitting the gym. Nye is amazing- he’s also pumped and wants you to achieve the best you can"
    - Grace H
  • "Nye is an excellent trainer who has had a great influence on both my diet and exercise regimes. As someone who had no idea how to eat healthily and thought that women shouldn't pick up weights, I discovered the huge rewards of eating well and combining different, fun exercise approaches. I could not be more grateful to Nye for training me, giving advice and helping me get to this state, as my lifestyle has never been so healthy and energetic and I have never felt better."
    - Nicola E, 21
  • "For about 20 years I had a long-term problem with my knees. At first it only affected the right knee but after a while the other knee became painful too. Both knees were gradually getting worse and my doctor advised surgery on both knees. I was booked into hospital and given a date for the operation. I already knew Nye because he was helping me with my swimming. When I told him about the forthcoming operation he said that he thought he could help me. He went to work and I was really pleased when both knees started to become less painful. After a while I was able to postpone the operation. Several months later I was able to cancel the operation altogether. That was 18 months ago, and I now have no problems at all."
    - John T, 65

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