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NL Wellness is a personal training company specialising in fat loss and based in Exeter, Devon, and the surrounding areas including Exmouth, Tiverton, Okehampton and Torquay.

Our message is clear - if you want to lose weight entrust the task to us and it will happen.

Our aim is to help people feel good about themselves and be as happy as possible. Over the years this has always included the aim of losing weight and becoming leaner. We are proud to have helped 100’s of people in Exeter and the surrounding areas to lose weight and feel better about themselves. As a result we know how to help and exactly what you need to do to achieve weight loss. We are delighted whenever someone new comes to us and gives us the opportunity to help them.

Many people want to lose weight for different reasons: most to look better, others for health and many to improve sports performance. Whatever the reasons may be, if you have tried to lose weight and failed and want to maximise your chances of success, or if you just want to get rid of that last bit, then NL Wellness will get you the results you are looking for.

Maybe you want to look better for something or someone (hopefully yourself as well!) Or possibly there’s a special occasion just round the corner. Have you tried to lose weight, for circumstances like these before? Have you tried different diets, training programmes or gym memberships before? As fat loss specialists we are constantly helping people who are frustrated with their weight or simply have no energy to lose weight, have more energy, increase their confidence and feel good again.

Please look at the NL Wellness range of Personal Trainer services to find out more about how we will help you lose weight, feel great and stop that cycle of trial and error. Please look at www.nl-wellness.com for more information or contact us at www.nl-wellness.com/contact.

Often people feel they have gained too much weight because they are in a certain situation. For example you may work hard and have little time to look after yourself or eat healthily. You may have a sedentary job or many family commitments that now take priority over the time you spent being more active. Maybe you have never been very active and now you want to make a change. Obviously if you have just had a baby you may wish to tone up afterwards. Whatever the reason our coaches at NL Wellness Personal Training will be able to help you as they have had years of experience with people who used to be in exactly the same position.

Many people think that they have no solution, that being fat or overweight or big is the result of their genes. Although genetics does play a role in how big you are and how easy it is to lose weight everyone is different and it is still possible to lose weight. Genes never make it impossible to lose weight though they sometimes make it harder. If they do, we know what to do about it. We have had clients who were morbidly obese lose between 20kg and 30kg.

We firmly believe in ensuring that every client benefits from, learns from and enjoys every session with us. We realise that without enjoyment you are likely to fail. We are the first to admit fat loss is incredibly difficult- that is where we come in. Our team are used to providing the support that is absolutely necessary for long term weight loss. You want a caring and knowledgeable person to be there for you every step of the way, and your coach will be exactly that.

Fat loss is one of the hardest things you will ever achieve in your life. Your body is physiologically and psychologically designed to keep weight on as a survival mechanism against famine. The NL Wellness Personal Training team fully understand this and will provide a system based on solid scientific research that guarantees fat loss and provides the motivation and empathy you will need to succeed. We are there with you the entire time and genuinely care for your success.

Please look at our services tab to see how we can help you get into great shape.

Also please spare a minute or two to see what we are about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF_U1U1YPSw

  • "I’ve achieved more in 5 weeks than I have in 2 years of hitting the gym. Nye is amazing- he’s also pumped and wants you to achieve the best you can"
    - Grace H
  • "Nye is an excellent trainer who has had a great influence on both my diet and exercise regimes. As someone who had no idea how to eat healthily and thought that women shouldn't pick up weights, I discovered the huge rewards of eating well and combining different, fun exercise approaches. I could not be more grateful to Nye for training me, giving advice and helping me get to this state, as my lifestyle has never been so healthy and energetic and I have never felt better."
    - Nicola E, 21
  • "For about 20 years I had a long-term problem with my knees. At first it only affected the right knee but after a while the other knee became painful too. Both knees were gradually getting worse and my doctor advised surgery on both knees. I was booked into hospital and given a date for the operation. I already knew Nye because he was helping me with my swimming. When I told him about the forthcoming operation he said that he thought he could help me. He went to work and I was really pleased when both knees started to become less painful. After a while I was able to postpone the operation. Several months later I was able to cancel the operation altogether. That was 18 months ago, and I now have no problems at all."
    - John T, 65

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